Participate in microbiome research!


The WOLFPACK Study (“Wide Open Local Fecal sample collection comparing Pharmaceutical intake, ACtivity, and dietary intaKe”) seeks to understand how the gut microbiome of Northern Nevadans is affected by diet, health, lifestyle, and other factors.

Results collected from this study will be posted on this page, and you will be able to find out about your microbiome!

Participation is open to all adult residents of Nevada who meet the criteria in the Intake Survey. All information collected is completely anonymous.

If you participate in the study, we will ask you to complete surveys asking you about your lifestyle, some general medical history questions, and what you eat. You’ll also be asked to provide a fecal sample.

Fill out the Intake Survey here to get started! Once you do, we will reach out in the coming weeks as we work to get everyone enrolled in the study.

Update: We have received an incredible level of interest in the study. We deeply appreciate the enthusiasm of Nevadans to participate in the study!

If you’ve participated in the study, we will be reaching out by email once the results are posted and available. In the meantime, keep your participant card in a safe place!

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